Wednesday's Child: Special Siblings

12:48 PM, Aug 21, 2013   |    comments
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Sarasota, Florida -- The relationship we have with our brothers and sisters is normally the longest relationship of our lifetime. So imagine how devastating it can be for kids in the foster care system when they're separated from their siblings. Finding adoptive parents for them is critical.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens is the perfect place to get right up close to a flock of pink flamingos and 8-year-old Andrew, 9-year-old Alannah, and 11-year-old Aaliyah have them eating right out of the palms of their hands.

The siblings love doing fun things like this together -- learning, exploring and growing closer every day and sometimes that means singing together.

The sisters and their little brother have a lot of fun being silly together and giving each other a hard time. Aaliyah says she does it for one reason, "because it's fun annoying her".

Alannah admits, "I'm a drama queen!"

Andrew is the brave one out of the bunch who loves snakes. He had no problem allowing a boa constrictor to wrap its body around his shoulders.

But these kids really need to be able to feel the loving arms of parents around their shoulders each day in a forever home together so they can thrive.

Amy Biza is one of their adoption specialists who says, "Their relationship that they have with each other is all they've had to depend on for a long time -- so they've really taken care of each other and been there for each other. It's time for us to find them a family that will love them and take care of them and let them be children."

If you'd like to learn more about these adorable siblings or any other child waiting for a forever home, contact Linda Jacobsen at 941-371-4799, ext. 184.

Tammie Fields, 10 News