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Wednesday's Child: Demarion

9:05 AM, Mar 7, 2012   |    comments
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Wednesday's Child: Demarion

St. Petersburg, FL - We want you to meet a sweet little boy who doctors didn't give a fighting chance.

That's because they didn't know such a little kid could have such a big will to succeed.

Demarion is a little 4 year old who has a personality that is much bigger.

He loves to have a good time.

But he wants to include everyone else in on the fun.

He also likes inventing games like spinning the chair.

It's easy to see why this little guy is the center of attention.

He scoots around from place to place and is often described as daring which is why he has to wear his blue crash helmet.

Even outside, you can see he is pretty fearless and just loves to play.

His foster dad, Bud, has been with him from almost the very beginning and says Demarion has a lot offer a family.

"That he's a good companion, he's very friendly, very social and he likes to do things and he's very ticklish too."

His adoption case manager says Demarion has come a long way, defying expectations of the experts.

Demarion will need parents who are patients and willing to learn about what it takes to take care of him...but that's a small price considering all the love and affection they will receive in return is priceless.

If you'd like to know more about Demarion call Freddie Brinson at 813-901-3477





 To see this little cutie in action click on the video link.