Wednesday's Child: Junior and James

2:38 PM, May 18, 2011   |    comments
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Brandon, Florida -- Talk about a jump start to your day.  Junior and James are at Boing! Jump Center in Brandon. 

It's wall to wall trampolines and you can't help but flip for it.

Junior is 11 and James is 9.  These brothers are filled with energy so bouncing from place to place at Boing! is as natural as breathing for them.

If you've never seen 11,000 square feet of trampolines then you're in for a real treat. Owner Michael Canales says people are surprised by how much energy it takes to bounce around for extended periods of time.

Junior and James play a game of dodge ball and aero ball before they even break a sweat.

These brothers are very much in tune with one another.  They almost finish each others sentences.  They both admit they love playing practical jokes on each other.

Junior and James hope to find an active family who love sports.

If you want to see how much fun we all had at Boing! Jump Center click on the video link.

To find out more about these two incredible brothers call Freddie Brinson at 813-901-3477.

Boing! Jump Center is located at 622 Ware Boulevard in Brandon, Florida.    Visit their website at

Ginger Gadsden, 10 News