Wednesday's Child: Nicholas

7:37 AM, Feb 3, 2010   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida---Almost any 13 year old boy would enjoy the opportunity to spend time outside especially if it means a little time away from the classroom.

Nicholas is no exception.  He is enjoying a beautiful day at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa.

Erin Canepa is an adoption care manager who is taking Nicholas on park play date.

Nicholas does not communicate verbally but the moment Erin show him his favorite toy his face lights up.

It's a battery powered riding machine and it's not long before Nicholas is off and riding.

Erin says Nicholas is often misunderstood because he has challenges communicating.

She says a very patient, two parent home would work best for this energetic young man.

If you would like to see learn more about this incredible kid please call Freddie Brinson at 813-901-3477.  You can also see Nicholas in action by clicking on the video link.


Ginger Gadsden, 10 Connects Anchor