Wednesday's Child: Dejah and Stephan

3:48 PM, Jul 15, 2009   |    comments
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Dejah and Stephan are siblings are in store for an artsy afternoon at Pinky's Painted Cottage in St. Petersburg.

Dejah is 7 and Stephan is 14.

You can tell he is a very protective big brother.

Stephan helps Dejah pick out colors and mixes them for her and even gives her some advice on what colors might look good on her ceramic puppy.

He says he watches out over his little sister as much as he can because she is the youngest in their family.

The two are now in foster care together and would love to find a forever home where they can stay together.

Dejah is really a little ham. She smiles and makes faces at our camera loves every moment of it.

Stephan is a little shy but opens up when he talks about how much he likes to cook.

His specialty is breakfast.

He says he like to make, "eggs, and biscuits and bacon and toast. I am trying to do French toast and pancakes, but I usually do hash browns and all that other stuff."

It's clear that Stephan is a remarkable big brother who takes such good care of his little sister.

Stephan and Dejah are very close and their adoption coordinator says the two would thrive in a two parent home.

If you would like to see how Dejah and Stephan spent their time at Pinky's Painted Cottage please click on the video link.

If you are interested in learning more about these two wonderful children please call Connie Going at 1-866-271-4705.


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