Wednesday's Child Lorenzo is a snappy dresser

7:47 AM, May 6, 2009   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida---Lorenzo is a 17 year old who is handsome and  a good student. In fact he loves American history.

But when it comes to the present this young man is very fashion forward.

He tells me that if you give him a couple of outfits he'll know how to put them together in a stylish way.

In fact on the day we meet up with him he is dressed in a crisp white polo style shirt and plaid pastel shorts. I tell him he looks preppy and his style reminds me of singer Kanye West. I thought that was a compliment but Lorenzo tells me otherwise.

He says people usually compare him to singer Chris Brown.

Needless to say I won't make that mistake again.

This well dressed teen knows clothes can make the man. But what would make this young man happy is a family who will be there for his high school graduation.

Lorenzo tells me he wants a "regular graduation, a cap a gown and go up and receive my diploma." He says it would also be more special, "if my parents were to be there watching me receive my diploma and be happy for me."

Lorenzo is getting a sharp haircut today. He settles into the chair at Against the Grain Barber Shop in St. Petersburg. Owner Justin Brothers is about to give him a cut that will send this smart teen to the head of the class.

Lorenzo tells Justin he wants a haircut called the fade. It's short on the side with more hair on the top.

It doesn't take long before the talk goes from hair to the hardwood. They start talking about their favorite basketball players and teams.

Lorenzo likes the Cleveland Cavaliers and thinks they will go all the way this year. Justin doesn't agree. He likes the Orlando Magic.

Just seeing how Lorenzo lights up when he talks to Justin makes you realize how much a father figure would mean to this young man.

Lorenzo has been in foster care since he was seven years old. He still believes he will find a forever family.

Justin finishes giving Lorenzo the perfect hair cut and hands him the mirror so he can check it out for himself.

Lorenzo looks in the mirror and puts on a big smile.

The only thing that could possibly make him smile even more is a family who will be there for his special day when he graduates next year.

If you are interested in learning more about Lorenzo please call Andrea Bouchard a t1-866-271-4705.

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