''Miss Piggy,'' a Hurricane Hunter aircraft, is prepared for the 2012 Hurricane Season

10:55 AM, May 18, 2012   |    comments
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Meteorologist Mark Collins and photojournalist Adam Vance had the opportunity to ride "Miss Piggy," a P3 Hurricane Hunter plane, and preview upgraded radar technology that will collect data during hurricane season. 

The tools on board are designed to cut through the cloudy eye wall of storms and provide a clean look at the rain and wind inside, which makes for more accurate forecasts during hurricane seasons. 

On the test flight, the most accurate radar was retrieved at 10,000 feet, between storms and ground radar. 

Collins says the goal on the flight was to compare radar readings from the ground, to radar in the sky, to make sure the plane's instrument was calibrated. 

After doing so, the plane traveled throughout the moving storm, and allowed for scientists on board to see the middle of the storm. 

The team then analyzed information on their display screen to ensure the tools were functioning properly, and picking up accurate measurements of wind and rain.

When working properly, the data retrieved can help calculate the potential growth of a hurricane.

A routine fire drill took place during the flight as well, again, to ensure the Hurricane Hunter and crews are fully prepared.

The flight was a success, and 10 News Weather Team will utilize the life-saving data that will be collected from "Miss Piggy" throughout the 2012 hurricane season.