Tim Marcum resigns: Arena Football's coach of Tampa Bay Storm steps down

5:50 PM, Feb 17, 2011   |    comments
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Tim Marcum
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Tampa, Florida -- Tampa Bay Storm coach Tim Marcum faced reporters Thursday and said after 15 years, he would step down. And with that, the winningest coach in Arena Football League history ended his association with the team.

Tampa Bay Sports and Entertainment owns the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Storm. CEO Tod Leiwike says what Marcum did on the field was very impressive, however the off-the-field actions are what led to the coach's downfall.

Marcum says a lot of distractions over the past month have made it impossible for him to go forward.

As we first uncovered, those distractions included Marcum forwarding hardcore pornography and racist e-mails from his Storm work computer. Under deposition, Marcum admitted it was true.

We asked Marcum what kind of example that sets for the rest of the world and people who look up to sports figures. Marcum says he didn't send any e-mails. However when we asked if he denies forwarding the e-mails, he said he wouldn't go into "a he-said, she-said type of thing."

But for many of Marcum's supporters, excelling on the field apparently overrides problems off the field. Marcum's fans want to overlook the current problems, as well as two drunken driving arrests and convictions and an arrest on insurance fraud.

New coach Dave Ewart says Marcum is like a father and while speaking, Ewart broke down and said it is an emotional situation, but the team needs to grow up, go on and put the incident behind them.

While the organization said Marcum would do one-on-one interviews after the news conference, when we wanted to sit down and give him the opportunity to complain about our stories that exposed what he had done, the coach declined.

However he had a special goodbye as he left the news conference. He told reporters it has been great and he appreciates everyone. Then Marcum pointed at me and said, "Especially you."

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