Virginia chiropractor arrested for local steroid bust

6:36 PM, Mar 23, 2010   |    comments
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Polk County, Florida - A Virginia chiropractor was arrested by Polk County deputies and charged with seven counts of solicitation to deliver a controlled substance. 

"Dr. Nagel is a dirty chiropractor and a drug dealer," says Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

READ: Douglas Nagel's arrest affidavit

Detectives say Dr. Douglas Nagel of Reston, Virginia is a chiropractor with offices in the Virginia/Washington, DC area. They say he was buying anabolic steroids for at least a year from Richard "Andy" Thomas of Lakeland.

Judd says Thomas made some strong claims, "Andy Thomas bragged, 'You name the sport, I've sold steroids to people that play it.' "

In May of last year, ICE agents in Philadelphia intercepted a package containing illicit steroids destined to Polk County.

Richard Thomas was arrested after detectives say they found more than $200,000 worth of illegal steroids and extensive documents, including shipping labels showing that Thomas had received steroids from all over the world. Judd says the steroids came from 13 countries in the Slovak Republic.

Thomas told detectives at that time he was the "largest steroid dealer in Central Florida." He also told them he sold steroids to Dr. Douglas Nagel.

Thomas said Nagel told him that he worked with professional athletes in the D.C. area and that the doctor boasted about supplying steroids to these athletes. "Dr Sport," is what Judd says Nagel called himself. The teams Thomas said Nagel supplied steroids to are the Washington Nationals and the Washington Capitals.

The Nationals team president says his team has never had any contact or association with Nagel.

The Washington Capitols echoed that, saying, "There is no evidence that steroids were provided to any Capitals players." The statement also says Nagel is not the "team chiropractor," but some players did see him for standard chiropractic procedures.

The statement said the team  tested twice this year for steroids and no one tested positive. "At no time in our history has a Capitals player ever tested positive."

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Nagal's wife, Jan, said in a brief phone interview that her husband did not sell steroids. She denied he ever treated members of the Nationals, and declined to comment on whether he had treated any Capitals.

Judd says Nagel and Thomas admitted to sending cash and steroids through the mail. Judd adds Nagel told detectives the steroids were for personal use but Judd says the amounts were to large and were evident of wholesale use.

Thomas is now awaiting federal sentencing on charges of possession of anabolic steroids with intent to sell.

Right now the Polk County sheriff's office has no conclusive evidence or proof that Dr. Nagel has provided any steroids to any professional athletes.

Judd says, "At this point there's no conclusive proof any professional athlete purchase drugs from Nagel, but the investigation continues."

10 Connects News and the Polk County Sheriff's Office. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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