Bucs/Panthers preview for JoeBucsFan.com

6:59 AM, Nov 29, 2013   |    comments
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Hey JoeBucsFans! On Sunday, we're going to be watching two of the hottest teams in the NFL.

No, not Broncos/Chiefs. Saints/Seahawks? Nope. The Panthers and your Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Panthers winning 7 straight and the Bucs 3 straight.

Remember, the last time they met on a Thursday night in Tampa, the Bucs were embarrassed.

But this is a different football team. Maybe more banged up, but brimming with confidence.

First of all, the Bucs have to run the football with some results... Even if it doesn't work at first, keep running Rainey, because if all they can do on offense is pass with Glennon, the Panthers will eventually stop him. They're ranked 3rd in total defense and number 1 in fewest points allowed at under 14 per game.

The Bucs must establish balance.

And on defense, contain Cam Newton... which honestly, no one else has really done, except for Newton himself. Newton's rushing stats have gone downhill, but as they have, the Panthers' victories have gone up. Cam Newton is becoming a more complete quarterback.

Knock him off his game, get him out of his comfort zone, and the Bucs have a chance!

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