Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans call for coach Greg Schiano's head

6:57 PM, Oct 25, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- These are the signs of the times. Fans at Thursday night's Bucs' game advertised their displeasure with all sorts of creativity.

One fan's sign compared Coach Greg Schiano to MRSA.

"It ain't good," said Michael Hill, while eating at the Press Box in Tampa. "You saw all the bags on people's heads last night. You can see where the fans are going."

With the team 0 and 7 this season, more than just foam fingers are pointing at the coach. Bucs' fans say it's time for Schiano to go.

"Greg Schiano doesn't know how to bring the best out of his guys, not only that, but what is he doing in the NFL at all?" questioned Chris Edel.

"He seems to be a nice person, but I don't think he has what it takes to coach at this level," said Eddie Fernandez.

No doubt about it, the coach is on the hot seat and 'Fire Schiano' billboards featuring flames are sparking plenty of conversations over beers and on sports talk radio.

But not everyone thinks the teams wretched record is all Schiano's fault. Susan Boda has season tickets and seemingly a bit more patience than most.

"Yeah, fire Schiano, fire Schiano -- I'm not so sure," said Boda, shaking her head. "I really think he needs more time, but the key is, football is a team sport and I'm not so sure the team's together."

Still, when watching a game is down right "abysmal," according to Edel. And when actually going to a game brings this response from Joe Pantoja, "It was fun; I mean the two hours before the game started."

It's only natural that the boo birds are flocking.

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