Bucs/Jets preview for JoeBucsFan.com

12:08 AM, Sep 5, 2013   |    comments
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Hello, Joe Bucs Fan! It's finally here. The NFL Season is upon us and I'm trying to be as optimistic as I can about the Bucs' season and their first game against the Jets.

It's easier to be optimistic about the Jets' game. That is a bad football team, and the Bucs should have no trouble beating them.

But about the season ... I have the same concerns that I had when they started training camp, and that's because they showed nothing in the preseason. I don't put much stock in those practice games that the NFL charges full-price for, but I at least wanted to see a little something that showed they were making progress.

I still don't know if the Bucs are going to have a better pass rush. That's absolutely necessary, and if it depends on Da'Quan Bowers' progress, good luck.

I do believe the secondary will be much better. I'm hoping Darrelle Revis will be close to full speed, although we haven't seen it.

And I'm hoping Josh Freeman will show more consistently -- fewer interceptions, maybe even start running more -- but we haven't seen it.

I think the Bucs will win Sunday, and I see an improving team this season, up to 9-7. But this is still not a playoff team yet, unless those questions marks are answered. And, also, if Carl Nicks comes back from his illness.

I'm DW, and I'll see you at the game!

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