Rams-Bucs preview for JoeBucsFan.com

9:50 AM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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Hello Joe Bucs Fans!

Just four weeks ago, it was a season filled with such promise, such hope.

But now it seems like it's all over. The Bucs are struggling just to finish with some optimism, and not a 6-game losing streak.

The most important task for the 6-8 Bucs? Win two games, of course.

But the real, most important task for the Bucs?

Get Josh Freeman back on track. He's back to the bad Josh Freeman the past few weeks. 

The Bucs have to make a decision on Freeman... sign him to a new, long-term contract before the starts the last year of his rookie deal? Or cut him loose? Freeman isn't making that decision any easier, with his inconsistent play.

Actually, there is another alternative for Mark Dominik: let him play out the last year of his contract, and don't re-sign him... yet.

Bring in some competition through the draft, a trade, sign a free agent...  the team welcomes competition at every other position, so why not quarterback?

Yeah, I know, it'll ruin Freeman's confidence if he's looking over his shoulder. Well, sorry Josh, if your feelings are hurt... but you're not making the decision any easier with your inconsistency.

I'm Dave Wirth, and I'll see you at the game.






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