Replacement Refs cause NFL's integrity hit

5:13 PM, Sep 25, 2012   |    comments
In this Sept. 20, 2009, photo fans pack Chicago's Soldier Field to watch a Chicago Bears NFL football game.
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Last night's final play in the Packers and Seahawks Monday night football contest put the replacement referees ineptitude on center stage. For the second night in a row in front of national audience the referee's judgment has been called in to question and in turn is etching away at the integrity of the NFL.


Following last night's game Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had little to say on the blown call that ruled in favor of a Golden Tate game winning touchdown reception for Seattle.


 While Rodgers didn't feel like talking about it, NFL fans and former players had plenty to say, and predominantly the same thing, that D.M. Jennings intercepted the ball. The play sent Twitter a blaze, including former Buccaneer great Derrick Brooks tweeting out, "This IS freaking unbelievable, these Refs blew this one, Bring back the regular refs enough said, I can't say anymore," tweeted Brooks.


Former Bucs Tight End Anthony Becht came to the 10 News studios to share his opinion.


" Nothing angers me more as a player when you have two officials who obviously gave two different signals, and you don't have a whole crew come together and talk about the situation," said Becht. "It was obvious to me that was an interception."   


But the NFL's standing by the replacement referees' call on the play, in a statement released this afternoon the league references the Simultaneous Catch rule.


The rule paraphrased means; if two oppossing players come down with the ball, the ball is awarded to the offense. But clearly the Packers and the defense had possession in last night's game.


If you're asking why the NFL is not using their regular referees, it's because the two parties can't come to a deal on a new labor deal and pension plan.


So instead, the NFL is using referees from the lowest levels of college football and even the Lingerie League.


In fact the Lingerie's League says referees working both leagues compromised their leagues credibility, so they are firing them.


"I can't blame them, they're asked to learn and become something they can't, something that's taking refs that understand the job years to perfect and it's unfortunate the product is not good right now," said Becht.

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