Dade City's Rob Wenning hits TWO holes-in-one in one round

8:55 PM, Jun 2, 2013   |    comments
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Rob Wenning and Dave Hawkins have been golf buddies for decades. They've seen it all out on the course.

Especially now.

"No, he's not lucky. He's extremely accurate," Hawkins said of his college roommate. "If I had to pick anyone to have a chance to hit a hole in one, it'd be him, but let's face it, you just don't make a hole in one every day."

What about two holes-in-one on the same day? In the same round?

Believe it.

Wenning invited Hawkins got together for a practice round in early May to prepare for the Member-Guest tournament at Lake Jovita Country Club in Dade City. They were paired with two other players and witnessed something truly unbelievable.

"It really felt like an average round," said Wenning, who had four career holes-in-one to his credit before the round. "There was nothing to suggest that it was going to be anything out of the ordinary. But then, on the second hole, it became extraordinary."

Wenning ripped a 3-hybrid on the Par-3, 190 yard second hole and bent down to scoop up his tee. The rest of his foursome began to yell and Wenning looked back up just in time to see the ball trickle into the cup.  

"I had absolutely no expectations," he said. "They started yelling and throwing clubs and just jumping up and down. It was like a gigantic celebration ... like we won the lottery."

The odds of winning the lottery are pretty low, but so are the odds of writing a one down on your scorecard twice in one round.

"I think we were just numb," said Hawkins. "We couldn't believe he did it. The odds are just astronomical. In fact the odds are one in 67 million of having two holes-in-one in one round."

Wenning stepped to the tee on the Par-3, 124 yard 13th hole and stung a 9-iron.

"It was right at the cup. It had some pretty good trajectory," said Wenning. "I actually yelled 'Go in the cup!' just as kind of a joke. It flew in right on the fly."

News of his unbelievable feat quickly made its way back to the clubhouse.

"Never in my wildest thoughts did I think that someone would have two holes-in-one in one round," said Lake Jovita head golf pro Leo Cadden. "We've had plenty of members get holes in one, but never close to two."

Wenning claims it's mostly luck, but that may not be true. He has aced all four of the Par-3s at Avila Golf Club in Tampa. After making the two holes-in-one at Lake Jovita, he casually left the scorecard on the table and asked his wife to look it over when she got home from work.

"I see a one on the scorecard and I was like, 'I see a one on the second hole and, Oh, my gosh, that's great!'" said Karen Wenning. "I flip it over and I see another one. I'm like 'Oh, my gosh'. It was amazing.

"The first thing I said to him after I gave him a big kiss was, 'Did you buy a lottery ticket?'"

He and his buddies did buy tickets but didn't win millions. But, Wenning did get two holes-in-one. Most golfers would call that priceless.

"I hope to get some more, but we'll see."

Here is how Wenning's accomplishment stacks up against other hard-to-believe ratios:

Amateur Golfer Hitting a Hole-In-One:   1 in 12,500

Being Struck by Lightning Twice:          1 in 9,000,000

Being Attacked by a Shark:                   1 in 11,500,000

Giving Birth to Quintuplets:                   1 in 55,000,000

Hitting Two Holes-in-One in One Round:            1 in 67,000,000