Blind Golfer is a Champion

6:21 PM, Nov 12, 2012   |    comments
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It's a thing of beauty watching a good shot fly down the fairway, it's one of the reasons golfers return to the course even after a bad round. 

But for Kathy Champion, she doesn't get to witness her great shots because she's legally blind.

"I contracted a virus that attacked my spinal cord and in doing that, it attacked my vision and my vision cells in my head," said Champion.

Golf is a very visual sport and Kathy has very minimal vision. She usually needs someone there to guide her and line her up for shots.

Champion can faintly pick up certain colors with green being one of them and there's no better place to be on the golf course than on the green.

Kathy needs help to get there though, and it takes more than her guide dog Angel can provide.

"I'm used to swinging and I don't change my swing, so once someone lines me up, and if someone is coaching me I just listen to what they have to say," said Champion.

It's amazing  to see how this Retired Army Lt. Colonel tackles the course when there's no one there to guide her. She uses her clubs as walking sticks, and when it comes to choosing the right club she has a system.

"I have everything set in a ceratin order, everything in my bag stays in that order, everything I do is in a system," said Champion. "Everything in my bag is in a certain place and I know where to reach for it."

So Kathy may not be able to see her drives fly off the tee or putts go in the hole, but she definitely knows what keeps her coming back to the golf course, it's the sound of the game