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MLB Schedule

Date Opponent Win/Loss Score Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher
02/26/2014 at Philadelphia (Box) W 4 - 3
02/27/2014 vs Philadelphia (Box) W 7 - 5
02/28/2014 vs Pittsburgh (Box) W 4 - 2
03/01/2014 at Baltimore (Box) L 7 - 9
03/02/2014 vs NY Yankees (Box) L 2 - 8
03/04/2014 at Philadelphia (Box) W 5 - 3
03/05/2014 vs Pittsburgh (Box) L 4 - 6
03/06/2014 at Pittsburgh 
03/07/2014 vs Tampa Bay 
03/08/2014 vs Minnesota 
03/09/2014 at Houston 
03/11/2014 at Detroit 
03/12/2014 vs Tampa Bay 
03/13/2014 vs Houston 
03/14/2014 vs Boston 
03/16/2014 vs Baltimore 
03/19/2014 vs Philadelphia 
03/19/2014 at Detroit 
03/20/2014 at Philadelphia 
03/21/2014 at Tampa Bay 
03/22/2014 vs Detroit 
03/23/2014 at NY Yankees 
03/24/2014 vs Philadelphia 
03/25/2014 at Pittsburgh 
03/26/2014 vs NY Yankees 
03/27/2014 at Philadelphia 
03/28/2014 vs NY Mets 
03/29/2014 vs NY Mets 
03/31/2014 at Tampa Bay 
04/01/2014 at Tampa Bay 
04/02/2014 at Tampa Bay 
04/03/2014 at Tampa Bay 
04/04/2014 vs NY Yankees 
04/05/2014 vs NY Yankees 
04/06/2014 vs NY Yankees 
04/08/2014 vs Houston 
04/09/2014 vs Houston 
04/10/2014 vs Houston 
04/11/2014 at Baltimore 
04/12/2014 at Baltimore 
04/13/2014 at Baltimore 
04/15/2014 at Minnesota 
04/16/2014 at Minnesota 
04/17/2014 at Minnesota 
04/18/2014 at Cleveland 
04/19/2014 at Cleveland 
04/20/2014 at Cleveland 
04/22/2014 vs Baltimore 
04/23/2014 vs Baltimore 
04/24/2014 vs Baltimore 
04/25/2014 vs Boston 
04/26/2014 vs Boston 
04/27/2014 vs Boston 
04/29/2014 at Kansas City 
04/30/2014 at Kansas City 
05/01/2014 at Kansas City 
05/02/2014 at Pittsburgh 
05/03/2014 at Pittsburgh 
05/04/2014 at Pittsburgh 
05/05/2014 at Philadelphia 
05/06/2014 at Philadelphia 
05/07/2014 vs Philadelphia 
05/08/2014 vs Philadelphia 
05/09/2014 vs LA Angels 
05/10/2014 vs LA Angels 
05/11/2014 vs LA Angels 
05/12/2014 vs LA Angels 
05/13/2014 vs Cleveland 
05/14/2014 vs Cleveland 
05/15/2014 vs Cleveland 
05/16/2014 at Texas 
05/17/2014 at Texas 
05/18/2014 at Texas 
05/20/2014 at Boston 
05/21/2014 at Boston 
05/22/2014 at Boston 
05/23/2014 vs Oakland 
05/24/2014 vs Oakland 
05/25/2014 vs Oakland 
05/26/2014 vs Tampa Bay 
05/27/2014 vs Tampa Bay 
05/28/2014 vs Tampa Bay 
05/29/2014 vs Kansas City 
05/30/2014 vs Kansas City 
05/31/2014 vs Kansas City 
06/01/2014 vs Kansas City 
06/03/2014 at Detroit 
06/04/2014 at Detroit 
06/05/2014 at Detroit 
06/06/2014 vs St. Louis 
06/07/2014 vs St. Louis 
06/08/2014 vs St. Louis 
06/09/2014 vs Minnesota 
06/10/2014 vs Minnesota 
06/11/2014 vs Minnesota 
06/12/2014 at Baltimore 
06/13/2014 at Baltimore 
06/14/2014 at Baltimore 
06/15/2014 at Baltimore 
06/17/2014 at NY Yankees 
06/18/2014 at NY Yankees 
06/19/2014 at NY Yankees 
06/20/2014 at Cincinnati 
06/21/2014 at Cincinnati 
06/22/2014 at Cincinnati 
06/23/2014 vs NY Yankees 
06/24/2014 vs NY Yankees 
06/25/2014 vs NY Yankees 
06/26/2014 vs Chicago WSox 
06/27/2014 vs Chicago WSox 
06/28/2014 vs Chicago WSox 
06/29/2014 vs Chicago WSox 
07/01/2014 vs Milwaukee 
07/02/2014 vs Milwaukee 
07/03/2014 at Oakland 
07/04/2014 at Oakland 
07/05/2014 at Oakland 
07/06/2014 at Oakland 
07/07/2014 at LA Angels 
07/08/2014 at LA Angels 
07/09/2014 at LA Angels 
07/11/2014 at Tampa Bay 
07/12/2014 at Tampa Bay 
07/13/2014 at Tampa Bay 
07/18/2014 vs Texas 
07/19/2014 vs Texas 
07/20/2014 vs Texas 
07/21/2014 vs Boston 
07/22/2014 vs Boston 
07/23/2014 vs Boston 
07/24/2014 vs Boston 
07/25/2014 at NY Yankees 
07/26/2014 at NY Yankees 
07/27/2014 at NY Yankees 
07/28/2014 at Boston 
07/29/2014 at Boston 
07/30/2014 at Boston 
07/31/2014 at Houston 
08/01/2014 at Houston 
08/02/2014 at Houston 
08/03/2014 at Houston 
08/05/2014 vs Baltimore 
08/06/2014 vs Baltimore 
08/07/2014 vs Baltimore 
08/08/2014 vs Detroit 
08/09/2014 vs Detroit 
08/10/2014 vs Detroit 
08/11/2014 at Seattle 
08/12/2014 at Seattle 
08/13/2014 at Seattle 
08/15/2014 at Chicago WSox 
08/16/2014 at Chicago WSox 
08/17/2014 at Chicago WSox 
08/19/2014 at Milwaukee 
08/20/2014 at Milwaukee 
08/22/2014 vs Tampa Bay 
08/23/2014 vs Tampa Bay 
08/24/2014 vs Tampa Bay 
08/25/2014 vs Boston 
08/26/2014 vs Boston 
08/27/2014 vs Boston 
08/29/2014 vs NY Yankees 
08/30/2014 vs NY Yankees 
08/31/2014 vs NY Yankees 
09/02/2014 at Tampa Bay 
09/03/2014 at Tampa Bay 
09/04/2014 at Tampa Bay 
09/05/2014 at Boston 
09/06/2014 at Boston 
09/07/2014 at Boston 
09/08/2014 vs Chicago Cubs 
09/09/2014 vs Chicago Cubs 
09/10/2014 vs Chicago Cubs 
09/12/2014 vs Tampa Bay 
09/13/2014 vs Tampa Bay 
09/14/2014 vs Tampa Bay 
09/15/2014 at Baltimore 
09/16/2014 at Baltimore 
09/17/2014 at Baltimore 
09/18/2014 at NY Yankees 
09/19/2014 at NY Yankees 
09/20/2014 at NY Yankees 
09/21/2014 at NY Yankees 
09/22/2014 vs Seattle 
09/23/2014 vs Seattle 
09/24/2014 vs Seattle 
09/25/2014 vs Seattle 
09/26/2014 vs Baltimore 
09/27/2014 vs Baltimore 
09/28/2014 vs Baltimore 
Photo courtesy On Point Executive Center via Facebook near the Courtney Campbell Causeway.

Severe Weather in Tampa Bay, March 6, 2014

Photos show a stunning accident after a plane became entangled in the strings of a skydivers parachute, send both crashing to the ground in Polk County. Amazingly, neither the parachutist nor the pilot were seriously injured. Photos courtesy Tim Telford via the Polk County Sheriffs Office.

Mulberry skydiving accident

Thirty bulls raced down a run at Little Everglades Ranch during Dade Citys Great Bull Run on Saturday, March 8, 2014.

Dade City's Great Bull Run

As the Bucs unveil a brand new logo after 17 years, 10 Sports shares the teams concept logos that never made the final cut.

Rejected Bucs logos

NFL Cheerleaders, a nationwide directory of rehabilitation centers, compiled mug shots of methamphetamine addicts to show how the progression of drug abuse impacted their looks over a relatively short period of time. Pictured here is meth abuser Andrew at age 18 (left) and age 25.

Meth's devastating effects: Before and after

Warning: Some of these may be considered offensive.

Rejected Florida License Plates

Bikini Bike Wash in Pensacola

Pet Paparazzi

Ashley Bracey, of Rockledge, and Jose Guilbert, of Cocoa, react to the George Zimmerman verdict at the Merritt Island Hooters. Photo courtesy Craig Rubadoux, FLORIDA TODAY

George Zimmerman Verdict Reactions

2013 Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant

Photo of a handgun that was found on Trayvon Martins cell phone.

George Zimmerman's lawyers release new Trayvon photos

Police Photo showing George Zimmers appearance on the night of the Trayvon Martin shooting

Trayvon Martin crime scene and George Zimmerman injury photos

Ireland Nugent takes her first steps on prosthetic legs

The Dali Museum goes Warhol. A new Andy Warhol exhibit is expected to bring 50,000 visitors

Andy Warhol exhibit comes to the Dali Museum

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones between routines against the Carolina Panthers on Oct. 22, 2006, in Cincinnati, Ohio. (AP Photo)

Ex-Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones charged in student sex case

Internet mugshot sensation sets record straight

10 News spotted the Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay for ourselves. The animal acted very aggressive toward our cameras.

Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay

Submitted By Ray Austin Deal on Facebook

Florida Weather Photos: We live in paradise!

Facebook photo of Darrin Spivey and his son, Dillon Sanchez

Rare look inside the underwater cave Eagle's Nest

Tennessee Titans cheerleader entertains fans during the second half against the Kansas City Chiefs at LP Field. Kansas City won 26-17. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

NFL cheerleaders support fight against breast cancer

Lesley Hunt, marijuana possession

Mug Shots: Notorious Women

Courtesy of Josh Jensen on Facebook

Waterspout between Gandy, Howard Frankland July 30

SPC Jason P. Fischer, Army Infantry, 4/2 Stryker Brigade.  They were the last ones to vacate Iraq. This is him leaving for his second and last tour.  Pictured with his two sons Braiden and Sean. He was stationed out of Fort Lewis in Washington State.

Pictures: 10 News Salutes Our Troops and Veterans

Jason Gay, attempted murder with sword and guitar

Mug Shot Roundup

Ex-Charlie Sheen Goddess Bree Olson

photo courtesy family of Trayvon Martin

Florida teen Trayvon Martin killed by neighborhood watch volunteer

Naughty School Girl Night

An hour north of Tampa, the Weeki Wachee Springs State Park has been entertaining families with underwater Mermaid shows for nearly 60 years. (AP Photo)

'Real' mermaids swimming in Weeki Wachee

Christina Clark. Charges:
Solicit prostitution - oral sex for $300; Possession of Cocaine. Summary: Single - Unemployed

78 arrested in Polk online prostitution bust

The Redneck Yacht Club

Sydney Spies, teen with racy yearbook photo, arrested

Luscious Ladies of Red Bull

Mug Shots: T-Shirts

Casey Anthony Before Photos

A crime scene photo admitted into evidence shows the wooded area where Caylee Anthonys body was found.

Caylee Anthony Crime Scene Photos (Warning: Graphic content)

Athlete Arrests

Prostitution Arrests

Alligator Roundups

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