MOSI Café ordered to close because of rats and roaches

11:08 AM, Mar 14, 2014   |    comments
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TAMPA, Florida- It's a museum that hosts thousands of school kids and their parents every year. Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry hosts school field trips, corporate events and even weddings.

But according to state records, a health inspector with the Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants found serious issues inside the MOSI Café documenting 27 total violations and ordering an emergency closure. 

The issues included old food stuck to clean dishware and utensils, a wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses, dangerous temperature violations on deli meats- including turkey & ham- and improper use of household pesticide.

The inspector also documented evidence of live roach activity with cockroaches under the prep table and even inside the cappuccino machine! There was also roach excrement on box of plastic spoons, and rodent activity with 40 droppings found. The inspector counted up fresh droppings under a storage shelf in the banquet kitchen, and 20 more dry droppings under the paper goods shelf.

Of course all of this a huge concern at any food service establishment, but especially at MOSI, a facility serving lunches to local school kids.

10 News contacted MOSI's director of Public Relations Thursday night who confirmed the café is operated by MOSI. She said this was their first incident with any type of pest control issue. 

The MOSI Café was closed for about three hours Wednesday night before they were cleared to reopen by the state. 

The director of public relations said MOSI does employ a pest control company for "regular and as needed treatments", but due to these latest developments, they will be immediately replacing that pest control company.

The MOSI Café still had 15 remaining violations when they were cleared to reopen.

We'll let you know how they do on future inspections.

Beau Zimmer, 10 News

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