Noise crackdown throughout Tampa Bay

3:56 PM, Feb 20, 2014   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Once upon a time, you could take to the streets of Tampa and have your teeth jarred loose by the booming bass coming from cars. In June, Tampa lawmakers outlawed vehicular music that could be heard within 50 feet.

Sarasota understands. Today, lawmakers there scheduled a public hearing in March to consider a tougher noise ordinance than the one that currently exists after complaints about loud music coming from Bob's Boathouse.

"It's hour after hour, day after day, week after week," said one resident.

Today, Hillsborough County did the same thing. With a vote of 5-0, commissioners placed restrictions on loud music, modeled after Tampa's noise ordinance.

And now, Tampa is prepared to go further, taking aim at businesses.

Bars in Soho and Ybor City are notorious for loud music. If Tampa lawmakers have their way, they will outlaw loud music "plainly audible" from 100 feet away.

Hula Bay in South Tampa has outdoor music, but management said the ordinance won't be an issue.

"I don't anticipate that it will. Most of our bands are solo. I dont see a big change in anything we do," said manager John Hein.

Same thing at Yale of Ale in Soho.

"If the police come up and say that's a little loud, I would just turn it down," said manager Amy Tsang.

Even though this is a hot topic, Tampa is going to punt, delaying further action on this noise ordinance. The city attorney has requested the item be moved to a hearing in March.

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