Remee Jo Lee, woman tricked into taking abortion pill, pleads for new law

3:36 PM, Feb 18, 2014   |    comments
John Andrew Welden, 28, pictured with Remee Jo Lee, 26. Welden was convicted of secretly giving Lee, who was pregnant, a pill that caused her to miscarry. (Courtesy Gil Sanchez Valencia)
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TALLAHASSEE, Florida (AP) - A Tampa Bay woman whose ex-boyfriend tricked her into taking pills that caused her miscarriage tearfully pleaded with lawmakers to approve a bill that would create new penalties for people who harm a fetus.

Remee Jo Lee showed members of the Senate Judiciary Committee ultrasound images of her fetus on Tuesday and talked about how much she wanted to be a mother. The committee voted 6-2 to approve the bill, which would make it a crime to harm or cause the death of a fetus while committing a crime against the mother.

The legislation includes intentionally trying to kill a fetus. An exception would be made for doctors performing abortions or treating a pregnant woman.

Lee's ex-boyfriend, John Welden, was sentenced last month to nearly 14 years in prison on drug tampering charges.


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