Marijuana tourism brings niche market to Denver

5:46 PM, Feb 17, 2014   |    comments
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Denver, Colorado (CBS NEWS) -- The menu call for marijuana meatballs and pot-infused chocolate truffles.

It's one stop in the My420Tours pot vacation package where curious customers can legally experience a Rocky Mountain high.

"Weed is the new wine," says Wendy Bruner.

Bruner, a 67-year-old Milwaukee realtor, tried marijuana recently and loved it.

"It just took all that craziness away for a little while and, just, fun and laugh more and, you know, it made me become like a "whatever". Wow, whatever!" she says.

Over four days, visitors attend special events and tour manufacturing plants, testing labs, and growing facilities.

Matt Brown launched My420Tours last year.

"This is the Silicon Valley of marijuana innovation," he says.

Brown says they shed light on a once-shadowy industry.

"Give you Willy Wonka's tour of ... here is everything that leads up to the beautiful bud in the glass jar that now you can purchase after you show your I.D."

The tour also stops along what's been dubbed "Denver's Green Mile" where dozens of retail businesses are budding.

Tourism officials downplay the impact of legalized marijuana on tourism and point out that smoking marijuana in public is still illegal. But that isn't eating into businesses at the Walking Raven dispensary where tourists can pick up a marijuana souvenir on the last stop of their tour.

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