Flight delays on the rise at among major air US carriers

11:59 PM, Feb 12, 2014   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - Dozens of flights at Tampa International Airport on Wednesday night were either cancelled or delayed because of a snowstorm gripping parts of the south.

While delays are the norm when heavy snowstorms pummel parts of the country, a new report shows that airline delays are up overall.

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According to a report by the federal Department of Transportation, just 68.9 percent of domestic flights arrived within 14 minutes of schedule in December, compared with 76.6 percent a year earlier.

While snowstorms take the blame for some delays, overall delays have increase 3.6 percent.

A popular major carrier that has long been known for its affordable prices and on-time performance now ranks dead last. Only 57.7 percent of Southwest airlines arrived on-time in December, ranking number 16.

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Airline experts say that the company's deteriorating record is a result of scheduling flights close together to maximize efficiency. As a result, one delayed flight throws off the schedules of connecting flights around the country.

Here is the federal government's ranking of U.S. airlines by what percentage arrived on time in December.

1. Hawaiian Airlines, 92.4%

2. Virgin America, 85.6%

3. Alaska Airlines, 85.5%

4. Delta Air Lines, 79.5%

5. US Airways, 78.3%

6. Mesa, 75.2%

7. United Airlines, 73.5%

8. SkyWest Airlines, 70.7%

9. American Airlines, 70.5%

10. Endeavor, 70.4%

11. AirTran Airways, 68.9%

12. JetBlue Airways, 63.6%

13. ExpressJet, 62.9%

14. American Eagle, 60.5%

15. Frontier Airlines, 60.3%

16. Southwest Airlines, 57.7%

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