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Johnny Quinn stuck in an elevator!

3:20 PM, Feb 10, 2014   |    comments
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Don't get into an enclosed space with Johnny Quinn.

Johnny Quinn is the U.S. bobsledder who famously obliterated his bathroom door - and he got stuck in an elevator with teammate Nick Cunningham today!

Twitter: Johnny Quinn's stuck in an elevator tweet

How does this keep happening? Russia must surely know it cannot stop Johnny Quinn, only contain him.

Quinn's tweet came around 7 a.m. Jeff Zillgitt reports that Quinn and Cunningham were rescued shortly after sharing their photos.

More Twitter: Nick Cunningham's stuck in an elevator tweet

The two U.S. bobsledders should count themselves lucky they are in an actual elevator. A Great Britain bobsledder tweeted a photo Saturday from the empty elevator shaft she almost fell down while trying to change floors.

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