Grove 16 movie theater reopens to few patrons after shooting

1:47 PM, Jan 15, 2014   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Shooting at Wesley Chapel movie theater
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Wesley Chapel, Florida -- The Pasco County movie theater where Monday's deadly shooting took place reopened to few customers on Wednesday.

With an 11:30 a.m. showing, the Grove 16 opened for the first time since the shooting that left 43-year-old husband and father Chad Oulson dead.

Just a handful of people came to that screening of The Wolf of Wall Street and other early movies -- a very light crowd compared to a usual Wednesday matinee.

A security guard from a firm that works for the shopping center parked near one of the driveways leading to the cineplex.

Up at the theater itself, customers saw an off-duty sheriff's deputy hired by Cobb Theatres. Another off-duty deputy was driving around the complex.

They tell 10 News this is the same size security force you would see on a typical Friday or Saturday night.

A Cobb Theatres spokesperson did not respond when 10 News emailed asking whether Auditorium 10 would be in use Wednesday.

That's where detectives say Curtis Reeves shot and killed Chad Oulson early Monday afternoon.

Reeves, a former Tampa Police officer, faces second degree murder charges.

A theater employee told 10 News on the day of the shooting that their staff had been given special training to handle emergencies.

It was put in place after the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado about 18 months ago.

Sheriff Chris Nocco said that extra preparation paid off here -- with a swift, safe evacuation of everyone inside.

"I will say this: the Cobb Theatre did an outstanding job in their training," Nocco said. "I would encourage any movie theater to look at what they did."


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