PunditFact fact-checks pundits statements to bring you facts, not fiction

6:16 PM, Jan 14, 2014   |    comments
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Screenshot of Karl Rove's (right) appearance on the January 12, 2014, broadcast of "Fox News Sunday."

Tampa, Florida - The Sunday morning news shows are filled with pundits, bloggers, political analysts, and even hosts who are quick to throw out facts and figures to support their political arguments.

How do you know if the pundits are telling the truth?

The Tampa Bay Times and the Poynter Institute have started a new project called "PunditFact." Fact-checkers are scouring blogs, radio and tv and listening to those who are offering up analysis or opinions on the news, politics and public policy. Then, they are checking the accuracy of the claims by using the Truth-O-Meter.

10 News has partnered with PunditFact to make sure you're getting the facts, not fiction.

On Sunday, Karl Rove made this statement on Fox News Sunday: "The amount of attention paid this week to Chris Christie makes the coverage of Benghazi ... pale in significance."

PunditFact rated his statement FALSE. Read the full fact-check here.

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