Alleged police brutality seen on video, NH officers on leave

5:43 PM, Jan 8, 2014   |    comments
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SEABROOK, N.H. ( - Three unidentified southern New Hampshire police officers are on leave after a video uploaded to YouTube on Monday appears to show a violent encounter between authorities in Seabrook and a young man, reports CBS Boston.

The video surveillance footage dated November 11, 2009 apparently shows police dragging and shoving a young man along a hallway before one officer slams him head-first into a concrete wall.  He later appears to get sprayed with pepper spray.  Some officers look at and smile into the camera during the incident

The alleged confrontation happened four years ago, but according to CBS Boston, was just posted online by the 19-year-old victim himself, identified as Michael Bergeron, Jr.

According to police reports obtained by  the station, Bergeron had been arrested for drunk driving and possession of drugs.

The station says officers claimed to have trouble with the suspect from the start, saying he was yelling and swearing, kicking the police cruiser, not listening to orders, and even stuffed his shirt down the toilet.

"He was on something," Seabrook Deputy Police Chief Michael Gallagher told CBS Boston. "That doesn't excuse any improper behavior on the part of the officers."

Seabrook Town Manager William Manzi confirmed that three police officers are on leave but declined to disclose any further information while the matter is being investigated.
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