Appeal denied for Brandon Bears cheerleaders, football reinstated

11:15 AM, Nov 13, 2013   |    comments
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Still shot from the video posted on social media sites that got the Brandon Bears cheerleaders disqualified from the Tri-County Youth Football and Cheerleading Conference. They claimed the video, which showed 7 of 34 squad-members performing a routine, went against their policy on how many times a team can practice.


Plant City, Florida - The Tri-County Youth Football and Cheerleading Conference upheld its decision to disqualify the Brandon Bears cheerleaders from competition.

"We're going to honor their decision and we'll go back home and explain it to the girls," said Cherece Smith.

The Brandon Bears cheer director emerged from the appeal request with tears on her eyes after the ruling.

The issues steams from a video that was posted on social media last week that showed some members performing a routine.

In the video, the team is performing at the home of the assistant cheerleading coach who had invited the girls over to her house for a barbecue following a competition- which explains why the girls were still in uniform.

"Seven girls does not constitute a practice when there's 34 girls in the squad," said assistant cheer coach Maria Serrano.

TCYFCC said their rules restrict when and how often cheerleaders can practice for a competition.

The decision by the board meant that all the work that the girls had put in to competitively compete within the TCYFCC had gone down the drain.

A league board member said only that the organization upheld the rules in making its final decision.

Earlier in the day, an attorney from the law firm Morgan & Morgan successfully convinced the board to reinstate the football team, which had also been kicked out of the league because of the video featuring its cheerleaders.

"I really just told them, 'do you think that's a fair result?', and I think that we can all agree that it's not, but if you want to jump in and look at the wording..." said attorney Billy Howard.

The cheerleaders will cheer for the Bears during the Super Bowl on Nov. 23rd, but they won't be able to compete in the league.


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