Pasco County's Tanglewood Village community cleaning up the aftermath of storm

12:34 PM, Aug 22, 2013   |    comments
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Holiday, Florida
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Holiday, FL -- Severe weather damaged several homes and left one community picking up the pieces.

Straight line winds picked up a carport from one mobile home and dropped it onto another. Tanglewood Village is stuck cleaning up the mess.

"It was like someone shot out a lot of wind out of a big cannon 'Whooop' and that was it," said resident Carl Schwabe.

Noemia Sontag knew Wednesday's weather was wicked, but says she had no idea it could cause this much damage.

"I'm going to stay here because I'm afraid if I go out the wind is going to blow me away," said Noemia Santag.

The severe storm turned into countless hours of cleaning up debris and repairing thousands of dollars in damages.  The people who live in Tanglewood Village are thankful that no one was hurt.

"It just hit and it was dark and it took a few roofs off of houses could have been a lot worse," said Don Chisman.

Sontag has had some close calls with Mother Nature and says each time there's a storm, she weathers it the same way.

"I got off the phone with my friend and that says I got to be still here and The Lord will take care of me what else can I do," said Sontag.

According to the Tanglewood Village HOA residents are responsible for the clean up of their property.

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