Man stops to help woman after motorcycle crash, steals purse

2:26 PM, Jul 29, 2013   |    comments
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Fort Myers, Florida (WINK) -- A Lee County couple became crime victims twice when someone stole the victim's purse after a hit and run accident.

Paul Prince and his girlfriend Kara Worley say they were riding their motorcycle on Pine Island Road Sunday afternoon when someone ran a red light on Cleveland Avenue, and they collided.

The person driving the car took off, and the couple was left in the road with bumps and bruises. But what happened next hurt even more.

Prince says, "Her purse fell off of her and then amidst the chaos, somebody.. a "'good Samartian' stole her purse, and to me that's got to be really a low-life move. It's really upsetting that society itself would stoop to this level."

Worley says what happened in the accident is a blur. "Two ladies picked me up. One was a nurse and got right in my face and said 'Are you OK?' and that's what saved me from going into freak-out shock," she says. She wants to thank those women who were really there to help her. She also thanks Lee County Sheriff's Deputies for their hard work in the case.

She says she was looking for her shoe, when a man offered to go get it for her. She believes that is the man who stole her purse. "I hear this lady pull behind me saying 'They're fine, let's go, let's go' and she made it very clear they had to go and I thought that was a little odd."

She adds, "It's sick, it really is. You really have to be some type of low-life to even try. I'm not anybody special, I don't have many nice things."

Deputies recognized the vehicle from an earlier incident and were able to track down Worley's purse. They found the items in the person's hotel room but were not able to make an arrest, because there wasn't enough evidence and Worley could not identify the man. The investigation is still ongoing.

Worley lost some cash and personal items, but got the purse and her cell phone back. But she has strong words for the man who took advantage of a vulnerable situation. 

"All I have to say to him if he's watching, is a belonging of my deceased aunt was in that purse, the palm card of a guy who was like my brother is in that purse... God have mercy on your soul. That's all I have to say to him."

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