Trayvon Martin's friend describes George Zimmerman as "creepy-a** cracker"

7:22 AM, Jun 27, 2013   |    comments
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SANFORD, Florida -- She is considered to be the star witness for the prosecution in the George Zimmerman murder trial. Rachel Jeantel was the last person to speak with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin before his deadly encounter with Zimmerman.

Today, the young Miami woman told her story.

She knew Martin since grade school, and was on the phone with him during the fatal fight that ended his life.

In court on Wednesday, Jeantel gave a detailed account of Martin's final moments when George Zimmerman approached him.

"A man was watching him," she testified.

"When he told you that a man was watching him, did you say anything to him?" attorneys asked. 

"No, I didn't think it was a big idea. I did not think it was a big idea. I had asked him how the man looked like. He looked like a creepy a** cracker," Jeantel said.

She heard her friend ask George Zimmerman what he was doing.

"I said, 'Trayvon.' And then he said, 'Why are you following me for?' And then I heard a hard breath man come say, 'What you doing around here?'" she told jurors.

Then, she heard the fatal fight.

"Then I started hearing grass sound, and grass sound, wet grass sound. And then I was calling, 'Trayvon! Travon!' And then I started hearing a little bit of Trayvon saying, 'Get off! Get off!' Then, suddenly, the phone hung up. Hung, shut off," Jeantel said.

The young woman never attended her friend's funeral because she said she was sick. But, as she testified, people found out the real reason.

"I felt guilty ... about them finding out that I was the last person, that when, that I was the last person who talk to their son. That I was the last person to talk to their son," she said, wiping away a tear.

Jeantel will take the stand once again Thursday. The defense is expected to attack her credibility.

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