Murdered informant Jamie Seeger's family: Sheriff Jeff Dawsy "should have protected her"

5:52 PM, Jun 19, 2013   |    comments
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Mug from previous arrest.
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Inverness, Florida -- The family of a Citrus County Sheriff's Office confidential informant who was killed last year spoke with reporters on Wednesday, claiming that Sheriff Jeff Dawsy "dropped the ball" in protecting Jamie Seeger as an informant and urging him to step aside in the investigation so another agency can take over.

"[Jamie] worked for him, just like his deputies, so she was no different than they were," said her mother, Wendy Moore. "If he protects them, he should have protected her."

Moore knew her daughter was an informant, and tried to give motherly advice about the potential dangers of the job.

"She was very strong-willed. And it's something she believed in," Moore recalled.

Last July, the 27-year-old mother of two was found in Crystal River, shot and killed inside her car. Five months later, three men were arrested in connection with the case. 

Her family's attorneys say she had been an informant in drug-related cases in which arrests were made just weeks before she was murdered. They're trying to find out if her job led to her death.

"They disregarded her cries for help," attorney Bill Grant claimed about the sheriff's office. "Today, she's dead because of it, and two children don't have a mother."

On June 14, they sent a public records request to the sheriff's office seeking videos, photographs, and information from Sheriff Dawsy about the gun used in Seeger's murder, which may have been stolen in a burglary. Records show at one point, it may have also belonged to the Citrus County Sheriff's Office. 

They've sued the sheriff's office in hopes of obtaining public records about Seeger's work as an informant. Attorneys for the sheriff's office have maintained in court records that under state law, they can't release records disclosing information about an informant.

In that suit, Grant has filed a motion for admissions from Sheriff Dawsy, including that he has directed his agency not to release public records about Seeger. Dawsy's first response stated, in part, "Objects to this Request on the grounds that it is not relevant to the subject matter of this action."

"If he doesn't turn over those records by Friday," Grant said during Wednesday's press conference, "I have something else for him."

That "something else" is another lawsuit to obtain public records. This time, the family is also working with Lance Block, an attorney who represented the family of slain informant Rachel Hoffman. Her death led to Rachel's Law, outlining stricter guidelines in Florida for using confidential informants.

"We are putting the sheriff's department on notice of the intent of this family and the estate of Jamie Seeger to bring a lawsuit against the sheriff's office for the wrongful death of Jamie Seeger," Block says.

When asked by 10 News, sheriff's office officials said Dawsy did not want to comment on the case or about the developments discussed in Wednesday's press conference.

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