Mom Squad: Humane Society Officer kitten shooting

8:46 AM, Jun 17, 2013   |    comments
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A week without pay or maybe even a month without pay.  Whether it's one or the other or nothing at all, parents in a small town in Ohio are not only angered, but disappointed that a local Human Society Police Officer isn't receiving any discipline after shooting small kittens in front of little children.   

It was a topic our Mom Squad wanted to address, and to say our moms (Kim, Sheriss and Steffany) were all fired would've been an understatement, especially new member Steffany.  This tea and yoga addict (and a mom of a toddler, teen and one in the middle) created, a venue where other moms can give and get support.  That support probably could've come in handy with the mom in this story.  

Meanwhile, if you think your opinion matters and want to share it on the Mom Squad, email Joe Gumm at

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