Kids found wandering in Bradenton neighborhood overnight, deputies search for father Dominick Hawkins

12:14 PM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
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Bradenton, Florida -- Twin 4-year-old boys who were found wandering in a Bradenton street overnight have not been returned to their parents.

Now Manatee County deputies are searching for the children's father, Dominick Hawkins, to place him under arrest.

Investigators say Hawkins left his sons outside a strange house in the Oneco area. 

Initial reports from deputies said they were five and six years old. We now know they're 4-year-old twins.

A woman spotted them wandering around 10 p.m. Wednesday and called police. 

The woman says the children were in hysterics, saying they had been with their father. He had gone into a home somewhere there in the Oneco area, leaving them outside and unattended.

Deputies say eventually the children wandered off, got lost, and were spotted by that woman on 60th Avenue East.

The boys' mother told investigators she thought their father was watching them. Deputies are seeking a warrant to arrest Hawkins for child neglect.

For now, the boys are still in protective custody.

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