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Do you have room in your home and in your heart to help Jett? PLEASE SHARE this post to help him find the right person.

For at least seven months, he roamed the outskirts of an Industrial Park and a Trailer Park near the border of Largo and Pinellas Park. The black lab mix was a mere shadow, darting in and out of nearby woods and disappearing under buildings. The owners of shops in the Industrial Park would bring extra sandwiches to feed him but he would never come close. They would place the sandwiches on a slab outside of their businesses and when they would return, the sandwiches would be gone. They could only hope that it was the dark shadow.


The nearby Trailer Park started placing food out for him. They named him "Roy", after the Ol'Roy dog food they bestowed upon him. Even their kindness was not enough to win him over as he would never get within fifty yards.

After numerous calls to agencies that operate in that territory went nowhere, the trailer park residence called Suncoast Animal League. I took a trap to the area and spotted the dog from a distance. He retreated to the woods when I attempted an approach. I found a burrowed area in a sand pit that appeared to be his sleeping area and I placed the trap in that area. The trailer park residence would keep an eye on the trap and contact me if we got lucky.

Ten minutes down the road, I received a call that he was trapped. A quick u-turn and I was headed back to the wayward lab mix.

I approached the trap with a slip lead and a control pole assuming that I would have a fairly wild dog on my hands. I placed my hand near the side of the trap to see the dog's reaction. Surprisingly, he sniffed my hand. With a good reading, I then stuck my finger through the trap and scratched his nose. Again, a positive reaction. I tossed the control pole aside and slightly opened the front of the trap. I flipped the slip lead over his head and pulled it tightly. He gave me no reaction. I opened the door and he walked out, glancing at me as if to say, "what took you so long?" We walked to the car and he jumped in. I placed him in a crate and we returned to the League.

We renamed him Jett, completed all vaccines and unfortunately, he tested positive for heartworms. He is thin and is approximately, 7 years old.

While he has been with us, Jett has been quiet and reserved. At times he appears depressed, so we sent him off to the vet's office for more tests. During an all day stay, Jett had chest x-rays and blood work to determine whether or not he was a candidate for heartworm treatment. The results showed fluid in his lungs. He was put on antibiotics and steroids. He will need to heal and gain strength, be re-checked in six months and, hopefully, he will be able to undergo the heartworm treatment to save his life.

In the mean time, Jett needs a surrounding that is a lot less hectic than an animal shelter. He loves other dogs and seems to be a sweet, gentle, well-behaved senior gentleman.

If you can help Jett have a happy landing, please contact us the League office by calling 727-786-1330 or e-mail at

The Suncoast Animal League is a non-profit, no-kill, no-time limit animal rescue agency, taking in abandoned, abused, homeless and unwanted animals in the Palm Harbor and surrounding areas. Please "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We're located at 1030 Pennsylvania Ave, Palm Harbor, FL 34683 To donate to the care of Jett, along with our other animals, please visit

Rick Chaboudy, Suncoast Animal League Executive Director

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