MONEY MONDAYS: Heather helps a local find cash from outside FL!

10:42 PM, Apr 1, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida-- Back in February, we told you about life insurance companies that got in big trouble for not notifying people of policies left to them.

Basically, if someone passed away, and a family member never contacted the companies to claim the life insurance money, they would just sit on millions of dollars.

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Florida is one of several states that sued these companies to get them to release the names of all the beneficiaries.

One of our viewers, Elizabeth Sepulvedal, was watching that night and she didn't find any money in the state of Florida's unclaimed cash and property division, but she did happen to get lucky when she searched her home state of Pennsylvania by using 

She searched her maiden name and found a $500 life insurance policy in her name from the 1940's- most likely left behind by her parents.

"I was an infant. I was 13 months when we moved from that address- it was 1943 or 1944," explained Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth wants others in the state of Florida to know not to give up if they have negative results when searching for unclaimed cash in this state.

"Don't hesitate to check any place where you've ever lived," she advised.  

 CLICK HERE to search the national databasebut we want to warn you. This site is not a government website, so to avoid paying a fee, you want to contact that state's department of financial services to collect the money for free.


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