ONLY ON 10: Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point elevator safety concerns

5:51 PM, Mar 21, 2013   |    comments
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Hudson, Florida - You use them every day, possibly numerous times in some cases, without even thinking about it.  For some people who work in high-rise buildings or hospitals, it's the only way to get to work.

But, how safe are Bay area elevators?

After a fatal fall at Tampa International Airport where a man plunged to his death seven stories in an elevator shaft, 10 News got a tip that elevators at a Bay area hospital haven't even passed inspection and people are still riding them.

Elevator safety seems to be something most of us take for granted.  It's simple - we get in, the doors close and we we get where we need to go.

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But, inside Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, some employees are worried and some patients are panicked because of signs that indicate many of the hospital elevators haven't passed inspection.

For some, elevators seem to elevate fear.

10 News found signs inside elevators everywhere. They're bright orange, you can't miss them. They warn people that the certificate to operate the elevator is expired. Basically saying, using this elevator without a current certificate violates state law, which doesn't sit well with Denise Lowdenslager.

Denise depends on a motorized scooter to get around and has to use the elevators.

"It makes me a little nervous with my cart. Yes, the only way I can get up and down," Denise told 10 News.

Bayonet Point administrators wouldn't talk with us on camera. But they told us the hospital is 30 years old, and that they just went through renovations.

They also say, they went through an inspection back in January after the state says they found several elevator violations. The hospital maintains that they've made modifications and that they'll be reinspected next week.

Still, Denise says if the elevators don't pass inspection, they shouldn't be used.

"It would pretty much freak me out. I wouldn't get on it probably," said Denise.

Again, hospital administrators at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point issued a statement today saying they have made modifications and that the re-inspection on the elevators will take place next week. They tell us the safety of patients is their biggest concern.

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