Mom Squad March 18th, 2013

8:37 AM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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Talk about a stat that smacks you right in the face to start your Monday morning.

According to a article on Breast Cancer, in 1975, there were 105 cases of Breast Cancer diagnosed per 100,000 women.  In 2007, there were 125,000 cases per 100,000 women.   

So here's the question then... are we losing the fight to Breast Cancer and if so, what can we do to turn that around and is the government and or the largest Breast Cancer charity helping?

Well, the government did commission a report issued in February, noting that research funding has focused on Breast Cancer treatment and education/advertising, but not causes.

A lot of public and private money go into fighting Breast Cancer, but cases are going up.

The questions we asked our Mom Squad this morning: Do people do enough research in knowing what goes

into what they eat or wear?  In the article, it stated that General Mills has donated more than $50 million

dollars to Susan G. Komen, but the article sited compounds linked to Cancer, like arsenic, have been

found in General Mills products. 

Of course, it's not just in food.  The bottle of the Komen-commissioned "Promise Me" perfume was pulled in 2012

over criticisms it contained carcinogenic ingredients...again, mentioned in the article.    

That brought us to the question again: If the government and large charity organizations aren't helping in the fight of what's causing Breast Cancer...who or what does?

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