Mom claims false arrest in Ruskin teen brawl

11:57 PM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
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Ruskin, Florida - A mother claims she did not entice her teenagers into a gang brawl that ended in gunfire in a Ruskin neighborhood on Thursday.

"I was the one being arrested because I initiated everything and it's not true," said Victoria Davis.

Sheriff's detectives say the 39-year-old mother brought her 15-year-old and a gang of friends to a home to attack a teen who allegedly hit her daughter in the eye with a stick on Wednesday.

But Davis said she happened upon the fight, which involved 20-30 children including her own, while searching the neighborhood for her own children who had not returned home.

"We went around the corner, I figured that where they were and when I pulled up, I see all these kids fighting."

Investigators say Davis was heard yelling at the brawling youngsters to get the crowd going, but she says the only words she spoke was to get her teens to stop fighting.

"I was telling them to get in the car or I'll beat your (butt) you know what I'm saying. I never said beat them. I never said that."

During the confrontation, Davis said someone pulled out a gun and started shooting at the car being driven by her children, which was damaged as they tried to get away.

But 10 News wanted to know why Davis did not call the authorities on the day that her daughter was attacked by the teen that was the target of the brawl?

"I didn't think the injury was that serious," said Davis. I looked at it, I rinsed it out and stuff and it was ok."

Still, Davis plans on fighting the charges and has even hired an attorney.

She also plans to have the teenagers speak on her behalf that she had nothing to do with organizing the fight.

The 16-year-old who attacked her daughter with a stick earlier this week was also arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

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