Fiscal crisis, budget battle mark Panetta's tenure

9:05 PM, Jan 19, 2013   |    comments
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta
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WASHINGTON (AP) - As Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's plane returned home from his final official overseas trip, his staff gathered to salute his time as Pentagon chief. And they presented him with a symbol of his tenure months at the helm of the world's largest military: a plastic meat ax.

Panetta may go down in history as the CIA director who got Osama bin Laden. But his 19 months as defense secretary came at a critical moment - dominated by the nation's fiscal crisis and an endless struggle to protect the defense budget from billions in automatic spending cuts he repeatedly compared to a meat ax.

For President Barack Obama, Panetta's experience as a congressman and as budget director in the Clinton administration made him the perfect choice to take on Capitol Hill.

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