Caught on Camera: Man pulls baby from a 3-car-crash

12:11 PM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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Milwaukee, WI - This video is hard to watch at first glance. It shows a car slamming into an SUV, flipping it, and causing the SUV to run into a second car. 

The impact forced neighbors to step outside. But look closely, they didn't just stand there. They quickly jumped into action. 

"I saw another lady that was driving and she was like a little ball on the ground, actually laying on the pavement."

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But before Chico Quinones could get to the woman, something caught his attention in the back seat.

"I found a little baby, just hanging on her car seat, and that got my attention immediately, and I had to work with her." 

Take a look as Chico crawls into the overturned SUV.  Besides the cries for help, something else worried him. 

"I'm scared that the car might catch on fire because of the situation, I'm  smelling gasoline very strongly."

When he finally reached the child, he could not release the straps from the car seat. 

I had to work my way in getting her legs loose, but i finally did it, and walked away with her. 

You can see him cradle the child and bring her to safety. 

The other neighbors then rescued the mother. While people are calling Chico a hero, he credits the mom for saving the child.

"If that baby was not in that seatbelt, the way that car bounced around, that baby would have probably been killed.  So the mother did a good thing by having the baby strapped down."

WTMJ via CNN Newssource

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