Buddy Check: "Chemo Brain" leaves breast cancer patients at a loss for words

3:38 PM, Dec 11, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- You've probably heard the term "pregnancy brain." Similarly, researchers are looking into the effects of chemotherapy called "chemo brain."

Moffitt Cancer Center researchers looked at close to 20 studies where breast cancer patients underwent chemotherapy. The meta-analysis of more than 1,800 women found six months after treatment that on average, they were at risk to be mildly impaired.

"Even after treatment, women who had been treated with breast cancer showed slight deficits in verbal abilities such as the ability to find words and also visual spatial abilities. For example, they may get lost more easily in an unfamiliar location or have trouble putting a jigsaw puzzle together. There were also, although it didn't read statistical significance, there's some slight deficits in multi-tasking as well," Dr Heather Jim said.

Researchers are unsure how long the effects last or if these women were already predisposed for memory loss; however, if you or someone has so-called chemo brain, there is help available.

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