Sarasota police informant sex scandal

11:39 PM, Nov 9, 2012   |    comments
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Sarasota, FL--  Sex, drugs, and alcohol- an intoxicating combination that may have gotten the better of a police informant.  

According to published reports and court records, the informant allegedly had sex with female strippers and others while using them to set up drug deals to buy Oxycotin from a Sarasota narcotics officer. 

"We asked this individual if he had sexual relations or romantic relationship with any of these people, and he said no," said Lt. Pat Ludwith, head of criminal investigations for Sarasota Police.

Because the narcotics officer is undercover, we can't identify him, but he spoke with 10 News about the case, saying he had no idea the informant crossed ethical lines.

But defense attorneys for one of the people arrested tell a different story- saying the sex boils down to entrapment. 

They filed a motion to dismiss a hearing in the case today.

"Due to a substantial amount of newly-discovered and exceptionally relevant and probative evidence having come to light to defendant in recent days, Defendant must withdraw his current motion now on file and submit an amended motion which incorporates said evidence for the court's consideration," said the motion.

There are also allegations that the informant spent money on lap dances, liquor, and fancy dinners in the process of doing his work. Sarasota Police say that is impossible.

 "This individual was not paid until several months after these arrests were made, so there is no way he could have used tax payer dollars to wine and dine or take people on trips," said Lt. Ledwith.

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