Man stabs patron outside Hot Shots bar during argument

2:43 PM, Nov 2, 2012   |    comments
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Winter Haven, Florida -- A man turned himself in to police Friday after a witness identified him as the person who stabbed another patron outside a local bar Thursday night.

Winter Haven Police say Robert Gaskin, Jr. and James Jackson were at Hot Shots bar on 3rd St. SW when they reportedly got into an argument over the fact Jackson was with a woman that wasn't his girlfriend. The argument escalated into a fist fight and the two were kicked out of the bar.

Once outside, Gaskin approached Jackson while he was trying to leave, pulled out a knife with a 5 to 6-inch blade and said, "I'm going to kill you, motherf***er. I'm going to kill you," and cut Jackson as he tried to run away. 

A witness told police he thought he was going to have run Gaskin over with his vehicle in order to get him to stop slashing Jackson with the knife. When Gaskin stopped, the witness -- who is a friend of Gaskin's -- rushed Jackson to the hospital who he said lost consciousness twice while en route. 

Jackson, 47, sustained two lacerations extending from his belly button area to the middle of his back, in the shape of an "X". He is currently in critical but stable condition at Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

On Nov. 2, Gaskin turned himself in to police and in a taped statement said Jackson attacked him outside the bar and that's when he pulled out his knife. He told police he threw the knife in Havendale Canal near the Boys and Girls Club.

Gaskin, 37, was arrested and charged with Attempted First Degree Murder.

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