Boys try to steal $1,000 dog in Land O' Lakes, police say

3:00 PM, Oct 17, 2012   |    comments
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Land O' Lakes, Florida -- Two boys were caught trying to steal a dog from man's backyard who lived just two miles from their home Tuesday night.

Pasco County Sheriff's deputies report the boys were caught walking away with a $1,000 Dachshund from a man's backyard on Chessington Drive. When the man confronted them, they gave the dog back.

During an interview with the 12-year-old, he admitted he and his friend went to the man's home to steal the dog. He said his friend pulled the locked fence open at the bottom and he grabbed the dog and the two planned to take it back to his friend's house. 

However, the boy's 13-year-old friend told deputies he was only going to take the dog to his home to get it some water because the owner leaves the dog all day. He said he grabbed the dog because it got out when his football hit the gate and opened it. He stuck to his story even though deputies said the gate was locked.

Both boys were charged with Grand Theft.

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