Try It Before You Buy It: MicroMaster Pressure Cooker

12:14 PM, Oct 16, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - Try It team member Marisa Langford is always looking for ways to make her life simpler, so when she heard about the MicroMaster Microwave Pressure Cooker which promises to make hearty meals in minutes she knew that she had to give it a try.

The MicroMaster is a small plastic bowl with a sealable lid, that claims to cook your food under pressure in your microwave and does it in a much quicker amount of time.

Marisa decided to make some Vigo yellow rice, which normally takes twenty to twenty five minutes. Using the MicroMaster her rice was cooked, fluffy and perfect in 15 minutes. 

The one downside was that there were just a few recipes in the directions manual. Marisa tried, but failed to find recipes to match this product online. 

Marisa did email us back after shooting this story, saying that she could not find a BPA Free label on this product.

BPA stands for "bisphenol A." BPA is an industrial chemical that some studies have found might cause health issues.

So based on that, our Try It Team member is changing her opinion too: Two thumbs down.

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