NH girl bullied after donating hair to cancer charity

6:48 AM, Oct 4, 2012   |    comments
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JAFFREY, NH (CBS) - When 9-year-old Vernonique Pomerleau shaved her head for the Kid's Cancer Buzz-Off at Gillette Stadium last spring, she was excited to be doing something for children with cancer. She heard an ad for the event on the radio and begged her mother to take her from her home in Jaffrey, New Hampshire to Foxboro, Massachusetts.

"She was very persistent," said her mother Marsha. " I've always known she's a special person."

She had fourteen inches of blonde hair cut, an experience she says felt "scratchy". "I just wanted to help people, if they're sick I can help them too," she said.

But she never expected the public reaction she would get to her new bald look. "Over the summer a lot of people would point and say is that a boy or a girl, and if it's a boy why is he wearing a dress," said Marsha Pomerleau.

And when she got to school this fall with still very short hair, there were whispers behind her back. "She had come home crying. She said one of the kids asked who is the new weird girl with the weird haircut," said her mother.

Veronique entered fourth grade at the local elementary school as a new student because she had been home-schooled until then.

"There were days at recess when she would sit under a tree and pull grass because she felt like she didn't fit in," said Marsha Pomerleau. Veronique says with a whispering campaign she never had a chance to tell students about her experience, and no one ever asked. "I know I did something good. If it's my hair that's different why do people have to look at me," said Veronique.

It's become a lesson in insensitivity for the little girl who struggled to make friends because of her looks, and decided to return to home-schooling for now. But she feels stronger to cut her hair again for charity.

"My mom always reminds me to think about the good I did," she said.

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