OFA-FL holds event ahead of Wednesday's first presidential debate in Denver, Colorado

7:06 AM, Oct 2, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Fl. - Ahead of Wednesday's First Presidential Debate, Mayor Bob Buckhorn and Rep. Janet Cruz will join Tampa Obama For America-FL supporters in South Tampa.

At the 11:15 event, the two politicians will share why they are supporting President Obama. You will hear them lay out why they think the President is best fit to continue to lead the country.  They will talk about the President's plan to grow the economy, create jobs and pay down the debt.

This happens as the two presidential candidates prepare for the first debate in Denver on Wednesday.

The President is getting prepared in Nevada. John Kerry played the role of Romney stand-in for Obama. The economy and jobs will be a big topic during the debate, but so will immigration. Polls show President Obama with a comfortable lead among Hispanic-American voters. A survey from the Pew Hispanic Center shows that nearly 24-million Hispanic Americans will be eligible to vote. It exceeds the 19-million who voted in 2008. Most of those votes went to the President.

Mitt Romney announced a new stance on illegal immigration in front of a crowd of more than five-thousand people in Denver on Monday. Colorado is among the battleground states that has a large Hispanic population. Romney says he will honor temporary work permits for young illegal immigrants granted by President Obama in June. He's opposed the bill in the past, but this is the first time he's expressed support for the act. He will continue debate prep in Colorado. He used Senator Rob Portman of Ohio to act as an opponent while prepping.

As the candidates prepare, the arena at the University of Denver is being transformed into one big television studio. The final touches are being put on the debate stage.

There are 8,000 arena seats, but only a fraction will be filled to keep open television lines of sight. It should be completed so crews have time to run through checks and look at lights and sound to make sure the acoustics are perfect so everything is ready to go for Wednesday's debate.

In addition to the three presidential debates, there will also be a vice presidential debate. That's on October 11th.

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