More KB Townhome Owners Complain of Structural Problems

6:09 PM, Sep 20, 2012   |    comments
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Palm River, Florida - Palm River is one of five KB Communities in the Tampa Bay area where homeowners say they are having ongoing structural failures, problems with water intrusion and mold. Homeowners say the common denominator here is KB Homes.

Armando Oyalo-Delgado watched workers replacing rotted wood on the side of a KB Home in Palm River.  "They are replacing the wood, but leaving all the mold there," he says.    

Armando and other homeowners from Willowbrook in Manatee County say they are seeing similar problems with KB Homes here in Palm River.  "Rotted wood, stucco falling off building," describes Armando. "I regret buying a KB Home."   

Marla Russell lives across from both buildings being worked on. She says, "These buildings were repaired in 2009, three years ago, and they're falling apart and rotting again. When they fix Willowbrook, they'll get three years out of it if they are lucky."

Marla Russell says problems surfaced at her Palm River home shortly after KB built it in 2007. Russell says she's still having problems today.

"I've had the balcony repaired, front torn off the building for water intrusion, bedroom floors, kitchen floors, walls," says Russell. She adds, "They come out do the work, but won't finish it or it needs to be redone in two years."

Russell says she's had enough and is moving out.

"I've gotten excuses no solutions," says Charlie Beale. He says he's been battling with KB since 2007. Beale lists water intrusion problems in the garage. "There's mold build up, paint is peeling back from the concrete block. It's poor building construction by KB home," says Beale.

He says there's water intrusion in the bathroom wall. Beale says a KB inspector came out a year ago cut a hole in the bathroom wall to check for the water intrusion, covered it with plastic and left. Beale says, "You see moisture build up all the time, even in the winter. Water gets stuck back there."

Beale says he's repeatedly called KB to send someone out to repair the square shaped hole in the wall, but he says KB has never responded. Last year Beale and three neighbors filed a lawsuit against KB to make the necessary repairs. Beale says, "There hasn't been any peace of mind. This place has been a nightmare."

Besides the water intrusion and mold, Beale says KB has had to repair his balcony three times. He says rotting wood makes it unsafe, Beale won't even step onto it. He says, "I'm afraid the floor might buckle."

KB's regional president for Central Florida visited the Willowbrook community in Manatee County this week to survey the repairs needed. George Glance tells 10 News KB will not buy back the homes, even if it's what many homeowners would like, but Glance says KB will stand by its limited 10-year warranty and make those repairs.

Willowbrook homeowners say 30 KB communities across Florida have reached out to them complaining of similar problems and they plan to visit each one.

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