Sorority girls vandalized wrong car, cops say

4:26 PM, Sep 14, 2012   |    comments
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MUNCIE, Ind. -- Prosecutors have charged four women with vandalizing a Ball State University student's car in retaliation for making a hazing complaint against a sorority.

The four current or former Ball State students face felony criminal mischief charges. The Star Press reports the university placed Zeta Phi Beta sorority on probation after the complaint was made in January.

Authorities say sorority members found out where the accuser lived and in May went to her Muncie apartment complex to vandalize her car. But they mistakenly first targeted another resident's car, smearing it with dog feces and nail-polish remover and scratching a vulgarity onto it.

The women are charged with returning that same night and causing similar damage to the ex-pledge's car.

The women face initial court hearings later this month.



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