Crist dodges questions about running for Gov but endorses Obama

10:34 PM, Sep 6, 2012   |    comments
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Charlotte, N.C. -- On a night where he told the world he's endorsing Barack Obama for President, Charlie Crist dodged questions about his own political future.

After speaking at the Democratic National Convention Crist told reporters he's happy to be an independent and that the last thing he's thinking about is running for governor in 2014.

"The thing that's most important to me right now is working as hard as I can for President Obama. He's done so much for our state, and so much for all Florida, and I just want to make sure he gets back in there for another four years."

During his speech at the DNC, Crist said he didn't leave the Republican Party, it left him. He also called Obama someone he doesn't always agree with, but noted after working with the President, the choice in the upcoming election is "crystal clear."

Republicans in recent weeks have called Crist a political chameleon. 

RNC co-chair Sharon Day issued a statement late Thursday saying the former governor is a "political opportunist" and an embarrassment to Florida.

"You have to do what is right in your heart and I believe that this President- he's been right for Florida and right for America. If some people criticize that, that's part of being an American and that's OK," Crist said regarding his critics, and decision to speak at the DNC.

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